Lost Property

Well, we all had an absolutely great festival, but a few people have left things behind at the site.

Here’s a list of what we found.  If you think anything on the list is yours email registrations@wellingtonfolkfestival.org.nz to identify the item and arrange to collect it.

BLOUSE White Brand:    MORE; Size 37  – Short sleeves
CAMERA Panasonic Model:  DMC-F3
CAP Black Stylised A front and rear
CAP Black
DRESS Blue Child
DUVET Blue Single
EARRING Clip-on Pink infill
GLOVES Black Fingerless
GUMBOOTS Purple Child – Size 7
HAT Black Brand:  Chisel
HOODIE Brown Brand: dot com
HOODIE Green Brand:  Polo Jean Company – RL 67   on the Left Breast
JACKET Black Pullover – Silver fern
KNIFE Kathmandu
KNIFE Wiltshire
LIGHTS LED String – butterflies – battery powered
NAILCLIPPERS Small Chrome with porcelain
PROTECTOR White Mattress
RING Stone with metal centre
RING Gold Diamonds (held by Brookfield Management)
RUG Brown Tartan pattern
SHAWL Black Tartan pattern
SHEET Blue Fitted
SHIRT White Brand:  MORE; Size 37  – Short sleeves
SHIRT White Brand:  Canali – Size 38/15
STRAP Black Camera Bag?
STRAP Black Elastic – Bedroll ?
TARPOLINE Blue Plastic
TORCH Red No glass for the blub
TOY Car Blue
TOY Cricket bat Kathmandu – foam
T-SHIRT Grey Child Striped