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Millennium HippiesMillennium Hippies by Paul Restall– photo by Paul Restall

Millennium Hippies is Mark Laurent and Brenda Liddiard. For more than 2 decades they have been playing music together, part of that secret army of ‘indie’ musicians who fly just below the commercial radar, playing grass-roots, mostly un-plugged music throughout New Zealand, Australia and the UK.  For them, songs, poetry and humour are ways to talk about “life, the universe, and everything”. They are also well-known in acoustic music circles as solo performers.

Mark’s background in blues/rock gives his performances a distinctive edge, but he also writes insightful ‘slice of life’ songs, which can touch audiences deeply.

Brenda has been greatly influenced by English and American acoustic music, and found her niche as a songwriter during her passionate involvement with environmental and anti-nuclear activism in Australia, during the 70’s and 80’s. These days her songs look at everything from menopause and motherhood, to mental illness and memories.  Her recent album Box of Memories was a finalist in the 2013 Best Folk Album Tui Award.

The singers amongst us are in for a treat this year too…

10dd studio

10dd, the acapella 10cc Tribute group, perform a variety of 10cc songs, with humour and a little bit of reverence… just a touch… This bunch of songstresses swap lead vocals and parts with ease, showing off the astounding talent of each of the troupe. Entertain yourselves by watching out for who is making a particular sound and immerse yourself in the amazing harmonies and rhythms. Oh! And join in! You’ll be amazed at how many 10cc songs you know!

Popular wherever they play – 10dd is sure to blow your socks off with their skill, and have you smiling all the while.