2018 Festival

Applications are invited from individuals and bands who would like to be guests at the 2018 Festival (19 to 22 October 2018).

Before completing the application form below, please read the following Festival expectation carefully as they will affect the likelihood of you being selected as a guest.

  1. Wellington Folk Festival prides itself on being participatory.  We expect our guests to remain at the Festival for the whole weekend, arriving on Friday afternoon or early evening and departing no earlier than after the Sunday evening concert.  We also expect that guests will mix and mingle with all attendees, not just other guests, and attend a variety of programme events other than those they are directly involved in.
  2. Because the festival is small by international standards (800+ tickets only), we are unable to afford high fees.  Guests applying from outside New Zealand are advised that arranging other performances around the festival weekend is a good idea to assist with international travel costs.  We can help with introductions to venues and promoters if required.
  3. We expect guests to not only offer our ticket holders the chance to hear you perform but also the opportunity to learn from you – about different styles of music, instrumental techniques, dances, vocal or song styles, spoken word/poetry or songwriting – and not necessarily only within formal workshops.
  4. To ensure maximum attendance at the Festival, guests require permission from the Festival to perform in the wider Wellington region in the periods immediately prior to and post the Festival.
  5. Guests are expected to stay onsite for the weekend wherever possible.  Accommodation is provided in shared bunkrooms (the site is a Scout camp) and bedding/linen is provided for those flying in to Wellington.

If you are comfortable with these expectations, please complete the application form below.