2019 Festival applications

Guest applications for the 2019 Festival are open until 31 January 2019.

If you would like to apply to be a guest, please complete the form (link below).

If you are not familiar with the Festival, please read the following guidelines before applying.

  1. We are a participative Festival.  We expect guests to not only present their own performances but to mix and mingle with ticket holders, attend performances and events other than their own and, where appropriate, collaborate with local musicians and other guests.
  2. All guests are expected to present opportunities for ticket holders to learn from them.  These can include workshops and masterclasses aimed at beginners, intermediate or advanced musicians or dancers.
  3. We expect guests to be on site for the entire weekend, arriving on Friday afternoon/evening and not departing earlier than after the Sunday evening concert.
  4. We are a relatively small Festival (around 800 weekend and day passes only), run by a volunteer committee.  The Festival operates on very limited margins and cannot afford substantial fees/costs.  Please present your best offer when applying.
  5. Accommodation is on site in bunk rooms shared with other guests.  There are no private rooms (the site is a Scout camp).
  6. The site is approximately 10km from the nearest public transport and shops/banks.  For guests arriving in Wellington by air, we provide transport to/from the airport.
  7. Although there is food available on site, it is at the guests’ own cost.  The Festival does not provide food for guests.  There are well-equipped kitchens on site if you wish to self cater.
  8. If you have been a guest at a previous Festival, please be aware that we do not normally repeat guest acts within a five year cycle.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email the Festival at info@wellingtonfolkfestival.org.nz.

Click here to go to the application form.