Celtic Ferret

Ferret – form the Latin  furittas meaning “little thief”. A group of ferrets is a busyness.

Celtic Ferret’s business is to seal away some of your time, rewarding you with songs and tunes unearthed from the centuries of their British heritage.

Celtic Ferret (Jean Reid & Ian Bartlett) are known on the New Zealand folk scene for their passion for folk music from the British Tradition. They intersperse their sets with songs from the New Zealand tradition and a few of their own originals. 

Celtic Ferret  paint evocative musical pictures of gruesome deaths, riots, crimes, love and loss, customs and characters all woven with earthy harmonies and  thoughtful instrumentation – and a touch of humour! If only history had been taught this way at school!

Sessions with Celtic Ferret are lively celebrations of the rich heritage of traditional music, with plenty of opportunity for audience involvement.