The Shicka Chickas

The Shicka Chickas is an all women a capella vocal band from WELLINGTON, NZ
Think Barden Bellas meets Feisty Chickens.

A Short History

We started life in 2010 as 10dd – a 10cc tribute group.

Inspired by the 1970s UK band of gifted songwriters with warped senses of humour, we performed 10cc songs with all the wit and irony they deserve. Now we do ever so much more musically – but have fiercely clung to the WIT and IRONY.

And Now?

For the last several years we have been delivering themed shows – The Day of the Dead series in 2017 followed by the Destination Anywhere series in 2018/2019. This was held in small theatres all over the south of the North Island and culminated in playing one of the last shows at the iconic Hannah Playhouse. 

Shorts of the highlights from this show can be found here

Our 2020 season – was delayed somewhat by the Dread Virus Roberts – but is back and we’re in full howl/neigh/woof with the  “The Attenborough Season” and the programme is, of course, themed around animals. (We assure you none were harmed in the making of this production…)

We are rolling the season out in full for the very first time at the Wellington Folk Festival 2022 – we look forward very much to subjecting you to our experiment!

Destination Anywhere, Hannah Playhouse 2019 – Photo: Reef Reed

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