Food and drink – Lovely Grub Catering

Lovely Grub: Our on-site caterer will again be providing coffee, meals and snacks throughout the festival.  The cafe will be open from 08.30am to at least 9.30pm and after evening concerts if there is demand.

During the day the following snack menu will be available:
Espresso coffees, tea, hot chocolate, milk, orange juice, soft drink, beer and wine, biscuits, pies, cakes, toasted sandwiches, muffins, hot chips, fish, sausages, sandwiches, rolls, croissants, pizza, rice balls, soup, filled baked potatoes, burgers, nachos

In addition to the snacks, main meals will be offered (NOTE: these menus are indicative and may be changed because of availability of ingredients or pricing).

Breakfast: Croissants or bacon & egg sandwiches


Snack menu or

Pasta dish with salad


Dinner – Friday:

Steaks, marinated chicken pieces or sausages

Vegetarian lassagne

Jacket potatoes, seafood pasta salad,beetroot & apple salad, coleslaw


Cheesecake & fruit salad & whipped cream  $6.00

Dinner – Saturday:

Chicken roasted with lemon & garlic & gravy


Roast potatoes, peas, cauliflower and cheese sauce, rice salad, a green salad


Apple or apricot short cake  and ice cream  $6.00

Dinner – Sunday:

Roast pork & apple sauce & gravy

Vegetarian quiche

Gourmet potatoes in pesto butter, roast vegetable medley, peas


Peach crumble  & ice cream  $6.00

To help with queues and cash handling at meal times, the caterer will pre-sell dinner tickets from the cafe.

Under-age Drinking
The caterer also has a licence to sell beer and wine but, if you want anything stronger, you’ll have to bring it with you. The nearest bottle store is in Wainuiomata, about 10 minutes drive away, and the nearest dairy and fish ‘n chip shop isn’t much closer.

We have had some issues with teens under 18 getting access to alcohol and causing problems – for themselves and for others. This is one of the reasons why anyone registering as a teen must nominate a “responsible adult” who will also be at the Festival and who the Committee can ask to sort out any problems.

Please make certain that you do not supply underaged kids with alcohol.

Anyone disrupting the Festival or causing problems will be required to leave. See the Site Rules page for more information.