10dd (NZ)
10dd studio10dd, the acapella 10cc Tribute group, perform a variety of 10cc songs, with humour and a little bit of reverence… just a touch…This bunch of songstresses swap lead vocals and parts with ease, showing off the astounding talent of each of the troupe. Entertain yourselves by watching out for who is making a particular sound and immerse yourself in the amazing harmonies and rhythms. Oh! And join in! You’ll be amazed at how many 10cc songs you know!

Popular wherever they play – 10dd is sure to blow your socks off with their skill, and have you smiling all the while.

We are proud to have been included in all of the gigs we’ve ever done – including:
City & Sea Museum series, Wellington Folk Festival, Green for the Pink, New Plymouth Festival of Lights, WCC Spring Festival, Birdman Festival, Mary Potter Hospice Strawberry Day, Aro Fair.