Mike Harding

14-TDN-CBmhmMIKE HARDING ; a musical storyteller at ease with his instrument, his audience and his mission to sing the songs of the present and the past, taking us from our folk roots to where we are now.

KIWIMUSICANA ; a solo, acoustic performance of songs from the lighter side of Kiwi ‘culture’, the daggier end of homegrown wit. Songs from small towns and back-country roads, from the radio and the rodeo, the city and the shed. Love-songs,  pub-songs, pop-songs, dog-songs, Down-the-Hall-on-Saturday-Night songs.  Songs from the Kiwi songwriters who have helped at us to laugh at and love ourselves and where we live.

Once again road time –  Kiwimusicana  and Mike doing what he does best, songs of home with humour and affection, spontaneity and skill. Celebrating New Zealand, its people and their stories.