The Madillionaires

5 Madillionaires

The Madillionaires, Peter Madill, Jean Barkman, Jude Madill, Jenny Kilpatrick and Tony Ricketts, are a trifusion of sorts – three separate acts, two generations and something else entirely. Having all played in various Madillionaire lineups over the last couple of years they combine dynamic and diverse folk styles with strong vocal harmonies. They perform original songs (Jude, Jean and Tony are all songwriters) as well as a wide range of music from elsewhere.
Peter and Jean live in Dunedin, performing together as Hummingbird since 2010, merging many years of performing both solo and in different groups. The others live in Wellington, where Jude performs her original material solo, or often with Jenny and Tony (aka Portable Panic a duo with a few miles on the clock together).
As well as having five vocalists, the group plays guitars, violin, banjo, bass, percussion, kazoo and attitude. Disclosure statement: there may be traces of country, alt-country, British trad in this music.