The Windy City Strugglers

strugglers-bricksThe Windy City Strugglers (NZ)
The Windy City Strugglers have been playing together since they formed in Wellington in 1968. With founders Bill Lake, Geoff Rashbrooke and Rick Bryant still at the helm, and mid-70s additions Andrew Delahunty and Nick Bollinger completing the five-piece line-up, they have released a series of albums and performed throughout New Zealand and in Europe.

Though initially acclaimed for their authentic interpretations of historic Mississippi blues and jug band music, they have evolved into a truly unique ensemble, combining the folk forms they love with original songs that reflect their South Pacific roots.

As Paris-based singer-songwriter Elliott Murphy observed: “It’s deep blues from way down under, as if the Mississippi River had gorged its way through the centre of the earth and come home in New Zealand. There is a respect for tradition in their songs, and yet when you put it all together it’s like something you’ve never heard before.”