Albi and the Wolves

Albi and The Wolves bring old school folk solidarity back into the modern age. With love and respect for music in all its forms, Albi& The Wolves not only offer vibrant and refreshing original songs which burst open the seams of traditional folk music, they also inject their signature sound into modern classics from artists as diverse as Micheal Jackson, and Pink Floyd.

Albi and the wolves

The members Chris Dent (guitar and lead vocal), Pascal Roggen (violin), Matt Owens (banjo) and Micheal Young (double bass) reinvigorate folk music in the whole sense with their dynamic style, acoustic instrumentation and world class musicianship. The band infuses country elements, traces of soul, rock and pop into fantastic live performances with good banter and crowd reaction. So whether it’s a sit down show or a rowdy foot stomping bar, each gig is unique and a whole lot of fun.

For more information, go to their website, which also includes some videos of their performance.