Fred Smith and Liz Frencham

The Frencham Smith duo has been described as delicious, emotionally intelligent and entrancing folk music for the 21st century.  Blending Liz Frencham’s double bass and voice with the songwriting, singing and guitar work of Fred Smith, they play songs rich in thought, warmth and humour.

Fred Smith Liz Frencham horizontal humourous B+W by Geoffrey Dunn“Smith is a superb songwriter…Frencham has a voice with the appeal, emotional honesty and clarity of someone like Shawn Colvin…There is no other folk duo in Australia which even comes close to this magical combination.” Bruce Elder, Sydney Morning Herald

“I saw two of their performances, which stunned me with their sincerity and passion.  Sometimes comic, at other times moving, the duo stretched the boundaries of songwriting like an emotional rubber band always returning to a secure and loving musical foundation.” Peter James Dawson, Trad&Now, December 2011.

Check out their  performances on YouTube or the story behind one of Fred’s songs