Kim and Dusty

Since forming two years ago Kim and Dusty have become familiar faces around Wellington and throughout New Zealand touring the length of the country from Bluff to Whangarei. Playing as a duo, Kim and Dusty have established themselves as a compelling act. Spectacular harmonies are the bedrock of their sound which encompasses Country, Blues, Bluegrass and Folk.

Kim and dusty 2Dusty suffers from a severe condition known as Musical ADHD which drives him to try his hand at any instrument with strings. He has lost count of the amount of projects he is currently involved in (Including The Federal String Band, The Hardcore Troubadours and The Frank Burkitt Band). “I’m kind of like the town bike….. just cheaper”  but says that Kim always brings out the best in him.  “It’s truly rare to find someone with whom you can share a perfect vocal blend.”

Kim has been performing in the country music clubs of the top of the south since she was old enough to talk and grew up on a healthy diet of Emmylou Harris, The Judds, Merle Haggard and Marty Robbins. “Be it Emmylou and Gram, Naomi and Wynonnna, Merle and Bonnie or my Mum and Dad, I had great role models when it came to finding harmony that tracks and compliments”. She has rue clarity in her voice and is in high demand as a harmony singer.

As individuals and a duo they have been regular performers at festivals throughout New Zealand. In June 2015 they released their debut EP, Kim and Dusty Live at the Wellington Bluegrass Society.