Catgut & Steel

cat-gut-and-steelCatgut & Steel (named for the strings on their instruments) have a sound bigger and fuller than two musicians would normally command – yet they play all their own instruments and use no backing electronica of any kind. Their repertoire is amazingly eclectic from Celtic tunes to contemporary covers, klezmer to country; but always with the strong vocals, harmonies and swinging rhythm styles for which they are renowned.
The duo can often be found in backup roles with other fine artists, both recorded and live; Chris Penman of the Penman family, the award-winning Ben the Hoose, singer/songwriters Bob McNeill and John Egenes and Dunedin acoustic rockers The George Street Patsys to name just a few. Always exciting and unpredictable, Mike and Anna are renowned for their ability to entertain young and old whether it be festivals, concerts, schools, wedding dances or called barndances. The duo has travelled extensively playing in regularly in Europe as well as around New Zealand.