Roadworkz    Rhodeworks

A typical acoustic band you might think – but you’re wrong. Laurence is 15, Sam is 13 and Nate is 10.

The Frangos-Rhodes family has been playing their music at Farmer’s Markets, fair days, folk clubs and Hamilton’s monthly bluegrass club ‘Back Porch Bluegrass’ for a few years now, honing their performance and presentation skills, and delighting all who have been watching them.  They have a clear understanding of the music they’re playing, not just reproducing something learned by rote; and like most acoustic bands, watch each other closely for those subtle changes that happen all the time during a performance. Their Father Bruce sometimes gets to play rhythm guitar, but mostly he gets to drive the wagon and be the roadie.  Very necessary when you see the arsenal of instruments they carry with them.

Roadworkz 2

“Their music sounds great.  Laurence plays good guitar rhythm on a guitar he made himself, with finger-style and flat-picked lead breaks, Sam plays strong rhythm and innovative breaks on mandolin or fiddle (sometimes both in the same tune) and Nate keeps steady time with percussion. Songs from a wide repertoire, including classic bluegrass and contemporary rock songs, with some harmony on the choruses, all underpinned with some solid acoustic bass from Tracy.”  Now and then.


“Performances by youthful bands usually pre-empt some wonderful musical treats in the future, so now is the time to catch Rhodeworks, so you can say “I saw them when they were just…..”  Paul Trenwith