The Frank Burkitt Band

THE FRANK BURKITT BAND – they’ll get your feet tapping and more….”This is music that is as emotive as it is foot-tapping.”

Music - Frank Burkitt Band, 17 April 2016

Frank Burkitt Band photoshoot at the Tuatara Bar in Wellington, New Zealand. Sunday, 17 April 2016. Photo: Dave Lintott /

After moving to Wellington from Edinburgh in 2014, Frank Burkitt was quick to form ‘The Frank Burkitt Band’which includes Cameron Dusty Burnell (Mandolin), Krissy Jackson (Fiddle), Kara Filbey (Backing Vocals and Percussion), and James Geluk (Double Bass).

They have been impressing audiences across New Zealand having completed a sell out 27 date national tour of the country promoting their first album Fools and Kings in November/December 2015.

Now well known for Burkitts entertaining story telling, tightly arranged songs and delicious harmony, the band give Burkitt’s songs vibrancy and their virtuosic solos accompany his original vocals.

The Frank Burkitt Band is not confined to one genre but it does have a very unique sound and feel at its core. Although heavily influenced by bluegrass, western swing, country, Americana and Burkitt’s love of his native Scottish folk – it is good old fashioned original song-writing backed up by a band that understands perfectly how to add infectious rhythm and groove (Geluk’s bass), varied and skilled solo breaks (Burnell and Jackson on fiddle and mandolin) and endorphin-exploding harmonies (Filbey on backing vocals).

Intelligent and thought provoking lyrics that have great anecdotes to go with them.

This is music that is as emotive as it is foot-tapping.