The Remarkables

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The Remarakbles are a four-piece band playing a mixture of bluegrass, jazz, gypsy
jazz, country and blues. This collection of musical styles, once in the hands of blues
and country musician Neil Finlay (guitar, vocals) , Tui-award-winners Garry
Trotman and Bryan Christianson ( bass and banjo respectivley) and the adroit
texas swinger Peter Parnham (Slide Guitar and Guitar) results in a remarkable
style that is distinctly their own.
Their CD Swinging on the Gate has received excellent reviews and the band has had
a very successful last couple of years playing festivals, clubs and private functions
across the whole country.
Don’t miss your chance to see some of New Zealand’s most experienced acoustic
musicians in this uniquely entertaining group, it’s an opprtunity that should not be