Dance workshops

Let’s Make a Ceilidh – with Vic Folk

This is a workshop on how to put on a ceilidh event – what does the band need, what sort of dances need what types of tunes, how to call dances.  For those who would like to take their love of ceilidh dancing a wee bit further.

Scottish Ceilidh Dancing – with Graham McLeod

Come and join Graham McLeod and The String Contingent for a fun and interactive workshop, where Graham will teach some of the dances that will feature in Saturday night’s Scottish ceilidh. No previous dance experience is necessary and all levels are welcome. Established Scottish dances will feature alongside modern dances including an original creation or two and everything will be accompanied by live dance tunes from The String Contingent.

Morris – with Heart of the Sun (HOTS)

Hawkes Bay based HOTS formed nearly 30 years ago and bring two dances for sets of 3 and 4 dancers that are believed to be relatively recent.

All Around My Hat – is a Border dance for three, using long sticks and hats.  We believe it was choreographed to the Steeleye Span song, possibly by them.

Valiant Soldier – is danced to the tune ‘The Girl I Left Behind’.  It is for four dancers, each with two short sticks.  It includes hallmarks of Cotswold Dance and has a distinctive ‘Dommett Turn’ named after the leading authority on Cotswold dances, Roy Dommett (1933-2015).

Live music, cheerful dance steps, flowery hats and bells are great reasons to come along and try Morris Dancing for yourself!

Feel the Freedom of Bulgarian Dance – with Lilia Petrova de Castro

Daichovo horo (Bulgarian- Дайчово хopo) is a Bulgarian dance style where a leader calls what formations/variations the circle should do next. It is unique in two ways: it can be dance in a circle, as most Bulgarian dances, or as a solo. We are going to learn some styling and fun footwork.

Greek dance – with Jo Matsis

Join us and learn to Greek dance. Greek dancing is fun and social – no partners required. We will teach you The Zorba, Never on a Sunday, some dances from the mainland and the islands.

All ages welcome – wear comfy shoes.