Masterclasses on Monday

Breaking News – since there has been no interest and no bookings for Maire’s Hands on Harp class we’re replacing it with a workshop on seventeenth and eighteenth century harper/composers other than O’Carolan.  See here for more information.


We don’t always have the chance do this, but we’re taking the opportunity of having two masters of their instruments to run two and a half hour instrumental workshops/ masterclasses on Monday morning.  There is a separate charge for these and they are strictly limited to 20 tickets to allow for personal tuition. 

Tickets available here.

Genius Hacks for the Guitar – with Chris Newman

Swing guitar: hints and tips for jazzing up your folk styles.  Chris Newman may well be the best trad/acoustic/folk/ Argentinian tango/ mazurka player in the world. Or, put another way, he is the music’s best guitarist.

Learn Chris’s genius hacks – 20 shapes that will give you 99% of what you’ll ever need to accompany tunes in virtually any style.  Suitable for both flat pickers and finger style players.

The ‘Low Down’ on Double Bass with Holly Downes from the String Contingent

Join Holly for an in depth session on the coolest instrument around. Suitable for all levels and electric bassists too, topics may include: principals for posture, left hand shapes, arco (bowing) and plucking techniques, melodic playing, groove and anything else that comes up along the way. Bring a piece to play if you’d like to, plus your questions, technical/physical issues and your instrument…

Holly says, if you play bass guitar (acoustic or electric) she will cover material that work for you as well as double bass players – bass as a role, creating bass lines, groove and “technical stuff”.

(Holly also says … I know what you’re thinking…”lug my bass all the way to the festival…??” It will definitely be worth the effort!)