Across the Great Divide

From their empathetic arrangements of evocative and soulful Celtic airs, to wild and vibrant jigs, reels, Americana and Swedish compositions, Across the Great Divide bring a new fusion of artists and instruments not normally gracing the same stage.

Karen Jones – (NZ) vocals, clarsach, guitar, music education specialist, spent 14 years in Edinburgh, set up a music school there and became a very active member of the folk community.

Tony Burt  – (NZ) resonator, guitar, composer, film maker. Tony’s resonator and guitar performances cover a wide range of styles. He produced The Snapper Sandwich, a documentary incorporating live performance and narration, has composed music for film and TV documentaries, and writes tunes.

Hanna Wiskari Griffiths – ( Sweden) vocals, soprano sax, music tutor and ETHNO NZ co-ordinator.  An internationally respected saxophonist, Hanna is a musician and tutor with her roots in Scandinavian traditional music. For the past 20 years she has been active in a number of bands and projects including Habbadám and The Goodland Trio.

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Across the Great Divide will feature in several events over the weekend:
– Tony Burt will show us some of his video work and discuss the increasing role that video play in music these days
– Karen Jones will run a beginners’ workshop on reading musical notation
– Hannah Wiskari-Griffiths will present a workshop on the Ethno music movement
– Across the Great Divide has a feature concert and a spot in the Sunday evening showcase concert.