Alan Downes

Alan Newtown Festival 2019

Alan was a long-time country boy.  He spent his first five decades living in the back-blocks of Hawke’s Bay, hearing stories and telling a few tales of his own, when the locals got together for a country-dance or a party.

When he moved to the city, he picked up a guitar and started writing songs to capture the memories. Following the traditions of country and folk music, his songs are narratives on the ordinary and extraordinary people that don’t make the history books.

Performing only his own original work, Alan sings lyrical ballads that are (mostly) true stories of people and places told with careful observation, a good dollop of humour and a little nostalgia. Alan has three CDs of original music. The Best (2013), Moving On (2014) and Road Trip (2017). The songs keep coming.

Alan will present a workshop on telling stories in song, have a feature concert and a sport in the Saturday afternoon showcase concert.