Jenny Mitchell

Hailing from Gore, Jenny Mitchell is a travel-loving story teller who enchants every audience she meets. Influenced by Norah Jones and Gillian Welch, she is a song-writer who blends alt-country, folk and Americana into her own captivating style.

Jenny is the 2019 Recorded Music NZ Country Artist of the Year and a previous winner of the NZ Gold Guitar Awards. Her new album, Wildfires, proves she is an artist who is not afraid to stand out from the crowd and create music that follows no trends or genre expectations. Wildfires hit number 1 on the NZiTunes Alternative Charts and number 4 on the Official NZ Music Charts within a week of its release.

Jenny Mitchell’s versatility and storytelling are capturing fans across the globe. In the past 18 months, she has toured the southern coast of Sweden, played in dozens of cozy Irish pubs and in Australian towns and cities and throughout New Zealand.

Troubadour Clip –  locked.

Jenny is presenting a workshop on songwriting for beginners and will play a feature concert and a spot in the Sunday evening showcase concert.