Workshops (Dance)

Square Dancing with Bernadette and Siobhan Moroney

Many wonderful dances have been written that are a bit too difficult for a social barndance.  Some of the more complicated patterns will be taught and put into a dance.  Best to NOT wear slippery shoes.

Scottish Ceilidh Dancing with Noel Armstrong

Essentially based, as many dance forms are, on French Quadrilles this is the more relaxed sister dance form of the widely known Scottish Country Dancing.  Popular at weddings and various ‘rites of passage’ gatherings this dance form has enjoyed a resurgence in Scotland over the last 30 or so years where it is recognised as accessible, joyous expression of inter-generation engagement.

This workshop is targeted at sharing basic techniques, formations and ubiquitous dances which will allow you join in with confidence whether at the festival barndance or Hogmanay.  Danced to jigs, reels and Polkas this dance genre is sure to quicken the heartbeat of musicians and dancers alike.

Irish Set Dancing with Helen and Roger Stonehouse

Does Irish music get your feet tapping?  This is your opportunity to get up and dance.  Set dances are the social dances of Ireland.  Experienced teacher Helen Stonehouse will guide you through the Limerick Orange and Green set.  Suitable for beginners and experienced alike, young people welcome from the age of 10 upwards.  Smooth soled shoes recommended.  The thrill of the dance, the joy of the music, the fun of the ceilidh.

Rapper Sword Dancing with Elizabeth Allen

Rapper sword dancing comes from the pit mines in the North East of England.  Five dancers, connected by flexible (and blunt) ‘swords’ weave in and out of figures for display to wow the audience.  In this workshop we will cover some of the simpler figures including the distinctive star shaped ‘lock’.  Bring yourselves and sensible footwear and give it a go.

Waltzing – basics and beyond with Bernadette and Siobhan Moroney

Do you always look clumsy moving to that ¾ timed music?  Bring your partner, or come by yourself, and learn how to look good on the dance floor.  Best to wear slippery shoes.

Morris with Vergin Morris

Awaking from aestivation, Vergin Morris surface during the dark days of winter to practice the ancient rituals observed in the border region between England and Wales. Rituals that ensured a good crop for the following year, to make sure the sun returns, or simply to have a good time, and perhaps to quaff a drink or two. Whatever the reason, the sticks will be clashing with their usual vigour!