Workshops for Beginners

This year, instead of having workshops aimed at our younger attendees (many of whom can play the fingers off the rest of us), we have a programme of workshops aimed at beginners of all ages.

Learn a tune with Vic Folk

Members of the Vic Folk group will teach you one or two tunes – for lead instruments, backing instruments and percussion.  Bring whatever level of skill you have and learn a new tune or two.

Let Your Lyrics tell a Story with Jenny Mitchell

Join award-winning storyteller Jenny Mitchell to explore a songwriting style that tells the tales of extraordinary Mew Zealanders.  Suited for younger Festival goers and beginner songwriters.

Learn to Read Music in Ten Minutes with Karen Jones of Across the Great Divide

Does notation make you shake with fear? And fill your head with gloom? When asked to read, do you look at the floor, or gaze madly around the room?

Fear not! Fear not! Be brave and learn! This crazy workshop is here! Bring a pen or pencil, and an open mind, and all will become quite clear!

Suitable for music teachers who want a quick fix notation lesson, or confused folky musos.

Using Music to Tell Your Story with The Bearded Cat

This workshop looks at ways in which you can start thinking creatively about writing music to help tell your stories.  You will learn about melody and harmony in this beginner level workshop.

Beginner Ukelele with Helen from the Good Girl Song Project

Helen Begley, teacher, workshop facilitator, songwriter and performer from the Good Girl Song Project, will get you playing some brilliant songs in next to no time. Learn some basic strums, how to pick a simple melody and learn some new chords. Put it all together and you’ll be singing and playing ukulele before you know it.

“The Folksicle” with Penny Larkins of the Good Girl Song Project

Join Penny Larkins from the Good Girl Song Project in making some theatre fun happen in a very short amount of time.  Learn a couple of songs, share a simple story, pop it on something resembling a stage and Voila!

(suitable for ages 6-12 and older if they would like to come along to be leadership roles)

Beginner Recorder with Bernard Wells

Everyone has probably played a recorder at some time – mostly at school.  Here Bernard Wells will introduce beginners to something more folky than “Mary had a Little Lamb”!

Slow Jam Session with Andy Linton and Ted Cizadlo
Andy and Ted run their very popular slow jam session designed to give newcomers to traditional music jams the opportunity to experience the joy of jamming without the tunes speeding past at a (sometimes) terrifying speed.