Workshops (music)

The Eye of the Wind with Richard Grainger

In 1997 Richard Grainger wrote the first version of his musical play ‘Eye Of The Wind’, a play that has been revised several times over the years, for a variety of stage performances.

The latest major production was in 2018 for the 250th Anniversary of the voyage of ‘Endeavour’ and its illustrious North Yorkshire Master, James Cook. The radio version, recorded by the BBC is available on CD and includes the voice of David Attenborough as narrator.

In this solo performance Richard brings the story of James Cook, the last of the great navigators and first great scientific explorer, to life with songs and stories in a one hour show.

Memories and Other Fantasies with Alan Downes

For those who like a story with their songs.  Corralling a flight of fantasy and saddling it with a tune.

Sing and Play Along with The Chaps

Bring an instrument, a voice, or just come and enjoy.  The Chaps will walk you through a few choice songs and conduct a massacre.  Fun for the whole family – no promises made, no prisoners taken.

Deconstructing Accompaniment with Victoria Vigenser and Lindsay Martin

Be enthused and encouraged to craft better arrangements or write better songs!  The principles and great accompaniment matter even if there’s only one performer on stage.  Find out what that means by picking a song apart; we’ll discuss the way that lyrics, harmonies, instruments and voicing changes the dynamics of a piece and how you can use these elements to improve the impact of your creation.

Playing in Odd Time Signature with Grumblewood

A workshop for musician who’d like to learn about playing in odd meters and how to use them when writing songs.  Suitable for intermediate musicians and above; any instrument welcome.

Slide guitar: Leaving the Blues in the Dust with Peter Parnham

You’ve learned a few standard blues licks on slide guitar, but that doesn’t have to be it.  In this session Pete Parnham will introduce you to left and right hand slide guitar techniques that will inspire you to leave your country blues in the dust and head down the road to Melodic City.

Spoken Word Storytelling with Jessie Fenton

An introductory workshop on spoken work and slam poetry.  We will look at how to turn the things you care about into impactful poems, discuss performance tips and explore how to connect with an audience in the space of a three-minute poem.  Bring any poetry you’ve been working on, or just bring yourself, pen and paper and a willingness to share.