Vic Folk

Victoria University of Wellington Folk Music Club

Vicfolk has been running its ever-popular ceilidh dances for the Wellington community since 2017. For students and public alike, the club offers opportunities to learn about and get involved with Celtic folk music. If you’re of a musical inclination, they teach tunes from the ground up, serving as a gateway into the weekly Wellington Irish Session and Vicfolk’s very own ceilidh band. For those who just want to dance they hold regular dance workshops and public ceilidhs, which are becoming so populous they’ve had to change venue.

At Wellyfest 2018, Vicfolk hosted the welcoming ceilidh on Friday and a post-concert ceilidh on Sunday. This year they’re back for more exciting ceilidh-based shenanigans with experienced callers and an energetic band, cherry-picked from the very best folk musicians that happen to turn up to the weekly club meetings.

As ever, their ceilidhs promise to be fun, lively, and social, and also incredibly easy; you need never have danced before! Bring as many left feet as you want; our capable callers will guide you through every step of the way.

Vic Folk will host the Welcome Ceilidh on Friday evening, call and play for the Ceilidh Dance on Saturday evening and run a learn a tune workshop.