Vigenser & Martin

This new duo plays original, wild folk that packs emotional punches but has songs to heal the scars. 

We mavericks

Australia’s Lindsay Martin, best known for his sensitive and unique violin accompaniment and work as a recording engineer/producer, brings sensitive strings and velvet vocals to the fore, while New Zealand songstress Victoria Vigenser delivers driving rhythms and lyrics with a truly magnificent voice. 

Vigenser and Martin finally return to Wellington, where they first met as accompanists, never expecting to step up and take the stage together a couple of years later, with hooky originals and crazy stories will have you enthralled. 

Their 2018 album, “The Gap” was the starting point for this duo. It is now available on Spotify/iTunes/Amazon and many other platforms.



“Not Gonna Be” duo edition: https://youtube/Q4KnEZT9Eic

“The Gap” album preview:

Find “The Gap” on Spotify/iTunes/Amazon and more.

Vigenser and Martin will play a feature concert, run a workshop on improving your accompaniment and play a spot in the Sunday evening showcase concert.