Notice of AGM

Notice of Annual General Meeting – Wellington Regional Folk Foundation Inc

Date:    Sunday, 24 March 2019
Time:    3.00pm
Where: Upstairs room, Sprig & Fern, Tinakori Rd, Wellington


  1. Present
  2. Apologies
  3. Minutes of the 2018 AGM
  4. Matters Arising (not covered elsewhere in the agenda)
  5. President’s report
  6. Treasurer’s report
  7. Election of the committee:
    • a. President
    • b. Treasurer
    • c. Secretary
    • d. Committee members (up to 7)
  8. Appointment of the Reviewer
  9. Setting of the subscription
  10. Proposed rule change
  11. General business

Note that if you wish to nominate someone for a committee role who is NOT able to be present at the meeting, you will need to bring with you written confirmation (an email will do) of their willingness to stand.

Notice of Proposed Rule change

Currently, the AGM sets the subscription fee that is payable for the current financial year.  Most members pay their membership fee at the AGM in order to enable them to vote.  However, since the setting of the subscription follows the majority of the AGM business, this can cause confusion and problems.

Rule 8 of the constitution currently says:


A   The Society’s financial year runs from 1 January to 31 December inclusive

B   Subscription rates for each year are set by the Annual General Meeting in that year on the recommendation of the outgoing Committee, though the meeting does not have to follow that recommendation.   They become due immediately they are set.

To clarify matters, it is proposed to amend section B as follows:

B   Subscription rates are set for the following year by the Annual General Meeting on the recommendation of the outgoing Committee, though the meeting does not have to follow that recommendation.   They become due on 1 January of the year following the date on which they were set.  Payment at any point between 1 January and the start of the AGM entitles the member to vote at the AGM.


Applications for 2019 are open

Applications for guest artists for the 2019 Festival are open.

Full information is on the website on the page 2019 Festival applications.  Applications will be open until 31 January 2019.

If you would like to apply or know of artists that you think should apply to be guests, please pass this information on to them.

Looking for Feedback

The committee is looking for feedback – from everyone who came to the Festival this year, on what you liked and what we can improve – and from those who didn’t, about why you didn’t come and what we can do to get you to come back again.

The survey has been emailed out to all those on our mailing list but, if you’re not on it and would like to respond, the survey can be found here. 

It will be open until 16 November.

Wonderful Wellyfest 2018

Thank you to everyone who was at the Wellington Folk Festival over the weekend! The guest artists were fabulous, the audiences marvellous, the Village Green stalls and weather were amazing.

P1050408The committee will be de-briefing (in the meeting sense) soon, after we recover fully, and looking toward the 55th festival. We will also be opening applications for Wellyfest 2019 before the end of this year and will let you know both on the website and through facebook when that happens.

Again, thank you all and see you next year!

Video posted of Terence Blacker this morning at Alastair’s Music

Festival guest, Terence Blacker, performed his song for musicians with a (lengthy) past at Alastair’s Music this morning.  See the video here.

If you’d like to see more of Terence and other guests, gate sales open at 3pm on Friday, with full weekend tickets and day/half day/evening passes all available.

To get to the Festival site, go to Wainuiomata, and then follow the signs to Moores Valley.  Turn left up the valley road and drive approximately 10kms to Brookfield Outdoor Education Centre.

Breaking news!

We’ve had a couple of changes to the programme.

Firstly, we’ve had no interest in Maire’s Hands on Harp class on Monday morning so, after consulting with her, we’ve cancelled it.

Instead, Maire will run a workshop on seventeenth and eighteenth century Irish harp music by composers other than Turlough O’Carolan.

Maire says – We’ll explore the beautiful legacy of music left by the lesser-known Irish harper – composers such as the Connellan Brothers and Cornelius Lyons, learn one or two of their tunes and discuss interpretation, harmonisation and accompaniment.


As there will be no personalized tuition involved, this workshop does not have an extra charge for it.

The second change is that we will swap over the location of Maire’s workshop with Chris Newman’s guitar class.  The guitar class will now be in the Maire kitchen and the Maire’s workshop will be in the (very aptly named) Maire hall.